Reusing Open Data with ERDDAP and Python

Lesson description

Data reuse saves time and accelerates the pace of scientific discovery. By making your data open and available to others, you make it possible for future researchers to answer questions that haven’t yet been asked. But how do you actually reuse the data that you put in repositories?

This is a 4 hour workshop tailored to the ocean sciences. We aim to teach the basics of data reuse using ERDDAP servers maintained by ocean science specific repositories and programs. The processing environment where the data will be pulled in to is Python, but other programs such as R and Matlab can make use of the same technology.


Setup Download files required for the lesson
00:00 1. Open Data & ERDDAP What is open data?
What is ERDDAP?
Why is ERDDAP important for data reuse?
00:10 2. Finding data in the ERDDAP data catalog How do I search for data in ERDDAP?
What information does a dataset hold?
How can I subset a dataset?
How do I make a graph in ERDDAP?
00:45 3. Data requests using an ERDDAP URL What is ERDDAP REST API?
How does an ERDDAP URL endpoint look like?
How can I access data request?
01:25 4. Online data to your Python environment How do I import an ERDDAP dataset into Python?
How do I interact with the dataset in Python
02:10 5. Aggregating multiple datasets How can I work with different datasets?
02:40 6. Gridded dataset How can I work with gridded datasets
03:00 Finish

The actual schedule may vary slightly depending on the topics and exercises chosen by the instructor.